Making pictures and art

It is only since I have taken an interest in taking photographs that I have discovered the important role editing-the postproduction process-takes in creating pictures. Some see taking photographs as the job of reproducing what is-that is, a faithful representation of the reality of something or someplace. Others see it as an artistic endeavour in… Continue reading Making pictures and art

Maximising efficiency in marketing your small business and brand

I’m a great believer in, and fan, of efficiency, especially in respect of the marketing of my business and brand. When you are small, with a limited budget, you must work harder and smarter than bigger competitors. Or else. So, I am always looking for ways to get multiple uses out of a piece of… Continue reading Maximising efficiency in marketing your small business and brand

Combining two interests: baking and photography

I baked some sourdough bread with black and green olives this morning. Look at the photographs below. It turned out well and I am looking forward to getting stuck into the bread when it cools down. Taking photographs of bread that I bake allows me to combine two interests of mine: baking and photography. I… Continue reading Combining two interests: baking and photography

Storytelling with images

I like the idea of telling stories with images. Let me explain. I have had an on/off relationship with learning how to take decent photographs. This started when I first started online marketing and the need to take an acceptable, professional profile image of myself. Then, when I started messing about on the Instagram platform… Continue reading Storytelling with images