Maximising efficiency in marketing your small business and brand

I’m a great believer in, and fan, of efficiency, especially in respect of the marketing of my business and brand.

When you are small, with a limited budget, you must work harder and smarter than bigger competitors.

Or else.

So, I am always looking for ways to get multiple uses out of a piece of content which I have made. This might be a blog post or a video, for example. And I have adopted this strategy for years.

Lately I am looking at the use of images.

I need images for my YouTube thumbnails and my Instagram account. But they are also incredibly useful and can be useful for Twitter posts, blog posts, and Instagram stories.

Of course, I am looking at using the one image in multiple locations. And I have noticed one of the most popular and liked pieces of content I have shared recently on my Instagram account is a simple picture with a useful or meaningful quote.

If a developing interest in photography on a personal basis can in turn be used to provide some fuel for my digital marketing and business branding it is a win-win situation.

Another good example of efficiency and multiple uses of the one piece of content and time and effort employed.

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