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Terry Gorry, 2022


  1. Hey,

    I am trying to recruit businesses like yours to help support the National Socialist Party of the USA. The white man has been trampled on for the past 100 years and its time we stand up.

    If you are interested in helping feel free to call me at 407-621-1999 or email me at

    You can also write me or send donations to:

    5431 Hansel Ave
    Apt M4
    ORLANDO, FL 32809

    Looking forward to your help making America white again.

    William P Reaves

  2. the above comment claiming to be william p reaves is part of a defamation and harassment campaign leveled at him by disgruntled neonazis who feel slighted by him over his refusal to accept and promote their beliefs.

    he has told them repeatedly that he does not wish to be affiliated with them and furthermore has said that even if he did agree with them, which he doesnt, he refuses to have his name attached to their message which will damage his career as a historical author.

    in retaliation they have seen fit to post copies of this comment in various places on the internet to cause him the same sort of professional damage which he was trying to avoid by diplomatically telling them that he was not interested in associating with them.

    ill thank you to remove this fraudulent comment at your earliest convenience.

    after all, ask yourself why an american neonazi, if he was one, would solicit support from a non-american? if he truly was interested in asking you to help “make america white again” what effect would it have anyway? youre not american. as far as i know you do not live here. rather illogical isnt it?

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