Steinbeck’s ‘lighter’ novels

The writing of John Steinbeck strikes a chord with me. I have read almost all of what Steinbeck has written. I am reading “Tortilla Flat” at the moment, having finished “Sweet Thursday” last week. There is a significant difference between “Cannery Row”, “Sweet Thursday”, and “Tortilla Flat” from his great novels, “East of Eden” and… Continue reading Steinbeck’s ‘lighter’ novels

The genius of John Steinbeck

I am reading another John Steinbeck novel at the moment called “The Wayward Bus”. I don’t think this is a well-known book but I have recently reread Steinbeck’s master works “East of Eden” and “The Grapes of Wrath” and am running out of Steinbeck books to read. Only when I have read everything he has… Continue reading The genius of John Steinbeck

Great summer reads

If you want to read a series of great stories consider reading Robert Galbraith’s Cormoran Strike series of books. I have just finished the second one, “Silkworm”, and they are superbly crafted, intricate, well plotted stories. J.K. Rowling is Robert Galbraith, and it should not surprise that she is a superb storyteller. Cormoran Strike is… Continue reading Great summer reads

Book sales last month (and the quiet satisfaction)

I sold 30 books last month (April 2024). The breakdown was 20 Kindle/paperbacks and 10 audiobooks on Amazon’s Audible platform. It was just an average month with no sales promotions or advertising whatsoever. I must admit I get a good kick out consistent book sales, week in week out, for years now. I do not… Continue reading Book sales last month (and the quiet satisfaction)

My Kindle book sales this month (so far)

My Kindle book sales this month, up to today (16th February 2024) are surprisingly good. To date I have sold 20 books across 9 titles. I first published two Kindle books in 2014: one about employment law and one about buying a house in Ireland. I have also sold 5 audiobooks on All my… Continue reading My Kindle book sales this month (so far)

Average or below average book review marks on Amazon 

Getting good reviews on Amazon can make or break the sales of your book. The average of the reviews, which can range from 0 to 5, is something I always check myself before buying. My book “The Art of Marketing Your Services Business Online: How to Get New Clients With a Proven, Inexpensive 5 Part… Continue reading Average or below average book review marks on Amazon 

Cormac McCarthy’s Border Trilogy

I am on the third book of the series of books by Cormac McCarthy known as “the Border Trilogy”. The first book was “All the pretty horses”, the second was “the Crossing” and the final book in the trilogy is “Cities of the Plain”. I had previsuly read a book of McCarthy’s, the name of… Continue reading Cormac McCarthy’s Border Trilogy