Average or below average book review marks on Amazon 

Getting good reviews on Amazon can make or break the sales of your book.

The average of the reviews, which can range from 0 to 5, is something I always check myself before buying.

My book “The Art of Marketing Your Services Business Online: How to Get New Clients With a Proven, Inexpensive 5 Part Digital Marketing Strategy” has an average of 4.2. I would not be over the moon about this mark, to be frank, and would prefer it to be up nearer 4.6 or 4.7.

But at the end of the day, I do not really care because this book delivers what it claims to do in its title. It sets out the strategy I have used since qualifying as a solicitor to develop and grow my solicitor’s practice through the use of content marketing and social media.

The problem with setting out a strategy as I have in this book is many readers will simply not be willing to do the work. That is fair enough, that is a lifestyle or business choice.

But the strategy works, has worked and is continuing to work. It is not rocket science. It is a sound, effective strategy that will bring results.

But the average reviews mark almost certainly arises from a reader seeking a holy grail and simple, golden bullet solution to acquiring clients and being a little disappointed that work is required.

I am also reassured by the fact that some of the greatest books in the English language have some tremendously poor reviews. Yet the books have lived on to be widely accepted as classics of literature.