What does the Domino’s drivers decision in the Supreme Court mean for other gig economy workers?

Many gig economy workers have contacted me or left comments on my various social media platforms when they heard about the Supreme Court deciding, after 13 years, that the Domino’s delivery drivers were employees for tax purposes.

They are asking me is this case now a precedent for their particular situation and can they now be deemed to be employees and not independent contractors.

It is not that simple. Every case will be decided on its own facts and circumstances.

Whilst this Supreme Court decision is of vital importance in giving guidance as to how to determine the question, it is not generally applicable across the gig economy without first looking that the terms and conditions in each situation in the relationship between worker and the entity giving the work.

You can learn more about this Supreme Court decision in this blog post of mine.

Importantly, you will see the 5 questions that the Supreme Court says must be addressed when looking at the issue and deciding it a worker is an employee or self employed for tax purposes.