Reading history books to understand

I have started listening to a book called “Rubicon” which describes the triumph and tragedy of the first Roman republic.

And next on my list is a book called “The Making of the Modern Middle East”.

I never had a great interest in history and did not listen to many (or any) history books.

But in the last few years with the bit of foreign travel we have done, and the walking tours around cities like Rome, Dubrovnik, Lecce, Istanbul, and other European cities I have developed a hunger to learn more.

The political upheaval brought about by Trump, MAGA, and growth of the far-right worldview in the US and elsewhere is also a reminder not to take democracy and civilization and republics for granted.

The shocking, appalling conflict between Israel and Hamas and the barbaric actions being taken against victims in Gaza for the shocking attack on Israel a few weeks ago would also prompt you to think about how it all started.

So a book like “The Making of the Modern Middle East” written by a highly regarded journalist with the BBC should be worth my time.