Books can change your view of the world

I’m reading “A history of the world” by Andrew Marr at the moment.

And it has done what books are capable of doing: it has changed my view of the world.

I had a consultation this week in the office in Enfield with two Chinese businesspersons and I looked at them differently and with a greater degree of respect for them than prior to reading this book.

The point in the history at which I am now is the fall of Byzantium to the Turk Mehmet and the death of emperor Constantine. It is remarkable to see what Byzantium was like at that time and to read about the Turks entering the Aya Sophia, a Christian church at the time, and murdering worshippers and priests.

This Aya Sophia is now a mosque, one which I had the great pleasure of visiting on my holidays in 2023.

Books can change your view of the world.

I recommend wholeheartedly “A History of the World“.