2 easy ways to build your brand and service based business for free

I was starting a business now, especially a service-based business, I would have a wide range of free tools at my disposal to build my brand and business.

Firstly, I could start a YouTube channel by making simple, helpful, easy to create videos on my smartphone. This is a completely free method and with a bit of smart research and self education (on YouTube) I could quickly develop a valuable presence online.

I could also submit the videos to Spotify and create a podcast. This podcast could then be distributed by way of its RSS feed to iTunes and other platforms, including YouTube as a podcast.

Alternatively, I could start a podcast by recording small episodes of useful, helpful content on my smartphone. I would upload the audio files to Spotify and, again, distribute to other platforms, including iTunes and YouTube, with the RSS feed.

Both activities require a smartphone. That’s it. That is the barrier to entry.

How hard is this?

And you could have powerful platform going to work over a long period of time for your business and personal brand.

If you are interested in how I built my brand and business online this little book explains the strategy.