Selling solutions (not problems or bad news) makes you invaluable

When you build your profile online and build up even a moderate number of followers you will invariably attract the scammers.

Thse individuals will copy your profile and pass themselves off as me and try to sell my followers all types of nefarious, bogus money-making schemes-for example bitcoin.

I had this problem for a long time on Instagram. It started in the last few weeks on TikTok, too.

Many people contacted me to tell me they had been approached and I had a copy or clone. And I asked those people to report the scam account to TikTok.

But one guy contacted me to tell me I had the problem, but he also told me how to solve it. He advised me I could prevent downloads of my videos by changing my settings.

And I did and now hope the problem is solved.

If you are the person telling someone else-your boss, for example-about a problem you have a certain value.

If you are the person telling the boss how to solve the problem, you make yourself indispensable.

The same principle applies if you are a small business owner and you are the one selling solutions, not problems.