Looking under the bonnet of my video about the immigration issue

I published a video last week on my YouTube channel which touched upon the question of immigration to Ireland.

It has generated a significant amount of comment and if you were to read through the comments you might (wrongly) conclude that the Irish people were opposed to housing asylum seekers.

But if you look under the bonnet, I see a different story.

I have access to data in the ‘back office’ of my YouTube channel and the data there suggests a completely different story. This analytics data is not shown to the general public.

You will see that over 92% of viewers liked the video versus disliked it.

Now they may have liked it because the video starts off about my channel reaching 25,000 subscribers on YouTube, which was the original point of the video.

But I went off on a tangent about immigration when I heard the Archbishop of Dublin being interviewed about asylum seekers and immigration on the News at One on RTE radio 1.

You could conclude that those who oppose trying to house migrants are more likely to comment and raise a ruckus about the issue. But those who support efforts to house asylum seekers are in the silent majority.

Otherwise, my video would not have a 92.1% ‘like’ rating.

What do you think?