My Kindle book sales this month (so far)

My Kindle book sales this month, up to today (16th February 2024) are surprisingly good.

To date I have sold 20 books across 9 titles. I first published two Kindle books in 2014: one about employment law and one about buying a house in Ireland. I have also sold 5 audiobooks on

All my books have sold steadily over the years and one of the first things I check every day on my computer is book sales.

I think these sales in February 2024 are as good as I have had over the ten years.

And I must admit to a great deal of satisfaction to see the sales so strong after 10 years and with little or no promotion.

From a marketing and branding perspective, however, actual book sales are only part of the equation. I would have acquired many clients in all areas of law, especially in employment law or property, due in no small part from the confidence generated by being an author/publisher.