My no-knead sourdough bread experiment

Sourdough bread

I’m looking forward to baking a ‘no-knead’ sourdough loaf at the weekend.

I came across a video on YouTube this week which shows you how to make an attractive looking sourdough loaf with the minimum of ‘hands on’ activity. Normally, when making a sourdough loaf you would be stretching and folding the dough at intervals over a period of five or six hours to strengthen the gluten in the dough.

This ‘no knead’ method relies on the starter and time to produce a good loaf.

I must admit I enjoy the kneading and stretching and folding and handling of the dough in the process of making sourdough bread. I always bake my bread at the weekend, so I have time on a Saturday or Sunday morning for this agreeable activity.

But it would be nice to have a recipe which will allow virtually no hands-on work or kneading. I would expect that the success of this method will depend greatly on the sourdough starter and how lively and active it is.

But I suppose that is the key to all good sourdough bread, regardless of whether you knead or work the dough or not.

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