Storytelling with images

I like the idea of telling stories with images. Let me explain.

I have had an on/off relationship with learning how to take decent photographs. This started when I first started online marketing and the need to take an acceptable, professional profile image of myself.

Then, when I started messing about on the Instagram platform I experimented, in the way that I inevitably do, with the use of images versus video versus text-based slides. I soon recognised the power of an image to elicit a reaction.

And the funny thing was the image did not have to be a stunning image of something beautiful with fabulous lighting and composition. It just had to be human.

One of the most effective images I posted on Instagram was me staring at the camera on a Saturday morning, sweating, red faced, like a ‘staring simpleton’.

And so, this has led on to the quest to learn some more about photography. One of the foundational principles about photography seems to be that an image/photograph should tell a story.

terry gorry
After a run on a Saturday morning

This is something I had never considered before now but makes a lot of sense and makes learning the art and science of photography even more attractive to me.

Because of my enormous regard for the power of storytelling, particularly when it comes to building a brand in a small business like mine. But don’t get me wrong: my reason for learning about photography is not all about business or to build my brand.

It is about creating something of value-no matter how small-from an artistic, creative perspective. It is about other things, too, such as posterity and recording events in the natural course of life.

Ultimately, it is about storytelling of one kind or another.

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