Combining two interests: baking and photography

I baked some sourdough bread with black and green olives this morning. Look at the photographs below. It turned out well and I am looking forward to getting stuck into the bread when it cools down.

Taking photographs of bread that I bake allows me to combine two interests of mine: baking and photography.

I have a little Sony ZV-1 camera which makes taking good photographs and making decent videos a relatively simple exercise once you get set up and understand some basic principles.

It is great to be able to use this tool in my business, too, and most of my YouTube videos are shot with this camera now.

Understanding the camera and learning some basic video and photography principles is something I took upon myself and acquiring this knowledge has been invaluable to me.

Learning about video editing, colour grading, colour correction are other areas I have dipped into and the great thing about learning stuff is you only have to do it once. So, the time I spend watching YouTube videos from top photography and video YouTubers is time well spent.

For it allows me to develop my interests and passions, grow my business and YouTube channel, and gives me skills for life. A real win/win.

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