Monitoring and tweaking my social media marketing time and effort

Tweaking social media marketing strategy

I spend a great deal of time on social media marketing.

I have it baked into my daily schedule and the first 25 minutes of my working time each day is spent on marketing on social media. That’s 7 days each week.

For this reason, I keep a close eye on the effectiveness of the various social media sites. I guard my time jealously and if a social media platform is not performing by giving me a return on my time and effort, I cannot justify the effort and will ditch it.

Trends come and go and there is no area of activity that changes as quickly as social media. Thus, your plan or strategy must always be kept under review.

Lately, I have been seriously considering what benefit, if any, from a business perspective I gain from Twitter. Yes, I do use it as a tool for research and the platform has value in that regard. But whether it is worth my time in crafting tweets, albeit schedule tweets, or not is doubtful, I am beginning to think.

I cannot think of any client I have got from Twitter. I can think of scores, off the top of my head, of clients from YouTube. And these clients are high value clients-for example property purchases or sales.

TikTok cannot be ignored, and I know I have got a few clients from that site, along with queries and leads. It is a video site, so it suits my particular content as I have an enormous body of videos I have made. Now that TikTok is allowing 10-minute video it makes sense for me to repurpose my existing content and resize it for TikTok consumption.

Instagram will also remain a staple in my social media marketing efforts. I may tweak my time on Facebook, however, and tone it down. One fabulous benefit of Facebook, though, is the caption auto generation tool which is remarkably accurate in spitting out captions for my videos.

The bottom line is you should always monitor your marketing endeavour carefully and tweak and iterate and refine over time.

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