Rant about interfering helpers

It happens all the time.

The unwanted, uninvited, interfering helper gets his/her oar in with the client. And the effect, intended or otherwise, is to make the solicitor look lazy, incompetent, or uncaring.

When nothing could be further from the truth. But when you’re explaining your losing.

I won’t identify the group of individuals I am referring to. But they, quite frankly, drive me to apoplexy. Serious frustration and anger is bound to arise. Serious stress is one of the consequences.

And it is all so avoidable if they would only keep out of the way. Let me deal with providing a good, professional, responsive service to my client.

But keep out of the damned way. You might mean well. But I don’t care because the consequences of your actions are violently frustrating.

I won’t identify the group. Because it is not fair to tar them all with the same brush. Just as it is not fair to generalise about members of the solicitor profession.

That’s another day’s work.

Let me just contact the client now, having released a good deal of frustration by writing this. The benefits of writing..

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