Blocking tricolour flaunting social media accounts

I blocked a couple of accounts on one of my social media pages over the last week.

And they had one thing in common: both of them had the Irish tricolour in their profile. The little green, white and gold/orange flag image.

This is something I have noticed creeping into social media platforms over the last few years. You see these profiles on YouTube, Twitter, Instagram, TikTok with their little tricolours.

Many of these individuals are supporters of far-right ideologies or oppose things like Covid 19 regulations, mask wearing, vaccinations, middle ground or left leaning political views.

Many are racist and spout anti-foreigner views, along with anti-government, anti State opinions and positions.

Many are simply against “what have you got?”

That’s fine, provided they do it peacefully.

But what’s the story with the tricolour? My view, and I have espoused it before, is many of these individuals are besmirching and soiling the tricolour.

Many have no idea of what a true republic involves, and what are the values which make up a true republic in the spirit of the 1916 proclamation and the values promoted by the Republic in France: equality, fraternity, liberty.

Don’t get me wrong: I didn’t block them because they had tricolours in their profiles. I blocked them because of their views and comments.

But there seems to be a higher correlation between knuckle dragging views and positions and the flaunting of the tricolour online. Which really soils the tricolour.

It’s my flag, too.

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