Dabbling in photography

I have begun dabbling in photography.

Only just dipping my toe in the water and not rushing headlong, as I usually do when I enter on some new pursuit, hobby, or skill.

I will take it at my own pace without any great expectations or goals.

But it would be nice to be able to create interesting or thought-provoking images, or simply to record in an aesthetically pleasing way some trip abroad or an event in life.

As well as the purely personal satisfaction of taking photographs for myself there is also the possibility of using some images in my business. There are various ways, most notably on the Instagram social media site on my Instagram page.

For now I need to just learn the basics and develop an eye for an image or story. Easier said than done but the technical aspects of photography are infinitely easier nowadays with the cameras that are available at reasonable prices.

I have a little Sony XV1 camera, and I use it for making most of my videos for YouTube, TikTok, and other sites. But it also has an excellent photography capability with a wide range of options to produce quality images.

I am looking forward to slowly acquiring some new skill and confidence, however small, in this area.

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