Learning by doing-I never cease to be amazed

I never cease to be amazed at what I learn from actually doing.

When I came out of my house this morning to get into my car the sky was a stunning, bright blue. There was remarkable visibility of the jets and their trails, and I thought it would make a good photo.

But when I took the photograph the jets and their trails as the colours and the colour of the background sky was too similar.

Then I thought of exposure and a recent YouTube video I watched about a wildlife photographer explaining exposure and the need to change when he is photographing a white bird or gull against the sky.

So, I turned the exposure down to -2 and then the sky was dark and the jets stood out well.

The images are on this page, one with the exposure left at ‘0’ and one with the exposure setting turned down to ‘-2’ to darken the sky.

I may have overdone it, but I learned a tremendously valuable lesson, one which will be useful when I am photographing landscapes and trees and so on.

I never would have learned, however, had I not whipped the camera out of my car and started snapping.