The key to growth on Twitter

After a good deal of research from a number of different sources over a good period of time I have come to the conclusion that growth on Twitter is based not on the content you share but the degree to which you engage and reply to other conversations on the platform. In the early stages… Continue reading The key to growth on Twitter

A radically different Twitter strategy

I am going to embark upon a radically different Twitter strategy from today. It is an experiment to see what the outcome will be based on posting on Twitter without links in the first Tweet. In other words, I will post a text-based Tweet with no external link or a thread-long or short-with any link… Continue reading A radically different Twitter strategy

Digital landlords and tenants (sharecroppers)

Elon Musk has proved once again, if any proof were needed, the disastrous strategy of relying on other’s platforms to build your brand or business. Whether it is Elon Musk at Twitter or Mark Zuckerberg at Facebook or anyplace else for that matter you are entirely at their mercy and their whim if you decide… Continue reading Digital landlords and tenants (sharecroppers)

Drinking the Twitter Kool-Aid

I still find it hard to believe the number of businesses generally, and small ones in particular, who appear to have swallowed the Twitter Kool-Aid when it comes to promoting their business online. In the legal space I see big firms with significant marketing resources focusing an inordinate and disproportionate amount of time (and money)… Continue reading Drinking the Twitter Kool-Aid

Most small businesses are wasting their time on Twitter

I saw a tweet last week in which the tweeter was asking “how am I doing, is there anything you would change?” It turns out the tweeter is a barrister, and he has been tweeting decisions of legal cases for the last two years, or thereabouts, and was asking was there something else he should… Continue reading Most small businesses are wasting their time on Twitter