The key to growth on Twitter

After a good deal of research from a number of different sources over a good period of time I have come to the conclusion that growth on Twitter is based not on the content you share but the degree to which you engage and reply to other conversations on the platform.

In the early stages of growth, especially, what you share or post is immaterial as it will be seen by so few people that it will little to no or painfully slow growth.

The key to growing on Twitter is to engage with others and spend a lot of time replying to other conversations. It is that simple.

Whether you as an individual are willing to do that or not is a matter for yourself. It is not for me, quite frankly.

I can distribute content on other platforms virtually on auto-pilot-for example, Tik-Tok-and can engage and reply or not. It makes no difference.

The content will do the job and stand on its own two feet and based on how interesting or meritorious others find it.

This is quite the opposite of Twitter and why I will continue to give time and attention to Instagram, TikTok, Facebook, YouTube and not be overly concerned about Twitter.