My podcast is growing nicely and deserves more care and attention

My podcast, The Irish Law and Small Business Podcast, is growing nicely and deserves more attention and effort than I have given it to date.

Originally, the idea was to simply strip out the audio files from my videos and use those files for the podcast. I have used nothing else.

Yet they are being well received, I am getting excellent reviews, and the podcast is growing.

One of the advantages of the podcast is I only have to upload one file to my podcast host, Anchor (owned by Spotify), and that file is distributed to iTunes, Soundcloud and elsewhere.

A second advantage is the ease with which a podcast episode can be made, although my talking head videos are not much more labour intensive.

I will have to create some episodes that are exclusive to the podcast and speak directly to my podcast followers/subscribers. I suspect, but don’t know, that this crowd is completely different from my YouTube subscribers.

Who are different, in turn, from my fans/followers on Facebook, Instagram, and TikTok.

I am excited about trying to grow my podcast further, even if it is only for the hell of it.