The “woke” insult

It appears that to accuse a person of being “woke” is perceived by the accuser as an insult or a pejorative term.

It is a word that is bandied about and hurled by certain right wingers who do not like an attitude of “live and let live” in others.

Many of these right wingers don’t like foreigners, refugees, homosexuals, transgender people, black people, brown people.

The anti-woke crowd like conspiracy theories and opposed Covid vaccines.

And they have little regard for the fundamental dignity of the human person if that person is not like them.

I am proudly woke, therefore.

I believe in the dignity of the other, even the stranger.

I believe in letting others live the lives they want to live, provided they do so within the boundaries of the law.

It is not for me to tell them how to live.

Or that they are a lesser person than me or persons like me if they have a different sexual orientation or religion or ethnic origin or views.

Yes, I am proudly woke. It is sure better than being asleep.