Twitter reach

I have notice lately that the reach of my Tweets on Twitter seems to have reduced significantly.

I read an updated e-book on the topic yesterday and my observation was confirmed by the author of the book who states that Tweets with external links have been hit hard with recent changes in the Twitter algorithm.

This leads to the question: is there any point sharing links anymore?

The second takeaway from this book is an old one but is apparently true: the best way to get exposure of your profile is to spend a lot of time replying to accounts bigger than yours, especially on topics that are trending or hot.

Whether I want to spend my time doing this or not remains to be decided. It’s doubtful.

The decision for me now is what strategy I adopt, if any, regarding posting my own tweets. I don’t need Twitter when I look at the results I get elsewhere on other platforms.

And given the toxicity and bitterness and delusion that is on parade and full view on a second by second basis.

But I would still like to retain a presence and know that my Tweets rank high in Google search when I search for my name.