The problem with Seán Quinn’s side of the story

Seán Quinn is hustling his book, a memoir, at the moment.

He was interviewed on RTE Primetime and elsewhere last week and had some sort of launch party at the Slieve Russell hotel.

He claims that he wants his side of the story to be told, arguing that it has not yet been put into the public domain. He wants to “set the record straight”.

If the comments on Twitter are anything to go by his attempt to tell his story will founder and sink without trace.

Because the big problem for Quinn is the vast majority of people do not believe a word out of his mouth.

He can say what he likes now but people, judging by comments on Twitter, have made their mind up about Quinn and his credibility a long time ago. Much of this was influenced by the excellent Quinn Country documentary broadcast a few years ago.

It is true that Quinn has a small band of supporters from his native place, the Fermanagh/Cavan border. But his book is not aimed at them, it is aimed at the rest of us.

And it is not going to change any minds or set the record straight. If anything, it will serve to entrench the already poor opinion many have about Quinn.

Here is a video I made about the Quinn Country documentary: