I used to care about Twitter/X

I used to care about Twitter, and how many followers I had, impressions per post, likes, mentions etc.

Now? I could not care less.

It has little or no value for me and, I suspect, most small business owners.

The game has moved on significantly in the last few years and has changed. TikTok, Instagram, YouTube, Facebook, LinkedIn are where it’s at now, depending on what industry you are in, whether you are a sole practitioner like me, and other factors.

But Twitter is useless for lead and client generation. The only advantage it might have is a timeliness and recency edge-that is, you can get a quick take on anything new that breaks, a hot topic.

But this is Twitter, after all, and whatever takeaways you might be tempted to  embrace need to be viewed with an acceptance of the sample being reflective only of Twitter users and not society generally.

This is the strategy I have used to build my brand and business online since 2009.