Tweets with links versus tweets without

I have been wondering for a long time about the best content for me to share on Twitter.

I have done a great deal of research on the topic and read all kinds of opinions from so called experts and those less obviously expert.

One common finding I arrived at appeared to be the greater impact and value of sharing tweets without links as compared with tweets containing a link.

The opinion had gained credence and acceptability that Twitter punished tweets with links and essentially showed them to fewer persons on Twitter. And the far better, more effective way to generate the maximum amount of impressions was to do Twitter threads or single tweets with no link.

At the weekend I share two tweets, however. One had a link and the other one didn’t.

And the one with the link did far better in terms of impressions. Granted, I published the one without the link the day after the one with the link, so it has had less time and the data may be immature at this point.

But I will keep an eye on the data for both and review as time passes. For this reason, I am putting links to both tweets here, which will allow me to easily come back to them and review the updated data.

Tweet with link. The Enoch Burke dispute-a valuable reminder of some principles of employment law – Employment Rights Ireland

Tweet without link. The Enoch Burke dismissal-what is the appeal procedure? 🧵