Drone photography-I overlooked the unique photos you can take with a drone

Broadford, 21.1.2023

When I decided to buy a drone, the primary purpose was to add a further dimension to my videos.

I have worked hard developing my YouTube channel over the years-ten or eleven at this stage-and I thought throwing in some drone footage in vlogs would be beneficial.

Drone footage is tremendous for giving context to a location that you might be in and speaking about, but it is also extremely useful in adding transitions between one place and another in a vlog.

I never gave any great thought to the photographs I could take, however. And given the unique perspectives you can get with a drone the photographs are interesting and uncommon.

If I was forced to start a small business for myself from scratch, I believe that having a drone would be a useful tool. Small business owners, and perhaps private homeowners, may be interested in aerial photographs of their property which would be completely unique. 

Thankfully I am in the lucky position of being able to fly my drone, make videos and take photographs for fun and as a hobby.

Carbury castle, 21.1.2023