“RTE-the controlling liberal left establishment”

I published a video this week on my YouTube channel about the documentary series, “Quinn Country”, the programme about Seán Quinn’s spectacular rise and equally spectacular fall. The overwhelming opinion, as evidenced from the number of likes and comments underneath the video, was that Seán Quinn was the architect of his own downfall. But there… Continue reading “RTE-the controlling liberal left establishment”

“Quinn Country”-a story worth telling

The “Quinn Country” three-part documentary finished last night on RTE1. I thought it was a tremendous film cum documentary which was well worth making and broadcasting, notwithstanding the criticism from some on Twitter who questioned RTE’s decision to allow Quinn so much airtime to tell his story. That criticism was most voluble after episode 1… Continue reading “Quinn Country”-a story worth telling

“Quinn Country”-a couple of observations

Watching Quinn Country for the last couple of days a couple of things have struck me. The first is how successful Quinn was in building the businesses he bult in the location he built them. It appeared to be a truly remarkable achievement. The second thing is the childish desire for Quinn, having bet the… Continue reading “Quinn Country”-a couple of observations