“RTE-the controlling liberal left establishment”

I published a video this week on my YouTube channel about the documentary series, “Quinn Country”, the programme about Seán Quinn’s spectacular rise and equally spectacular fall.

The overwhelming opinion, as evidenced from the number of likes and comments underneath the video, was that Seán Quinn was the architect of his own downfall.

But there is a small group whose view can best be illustrated by this comment:

Mikey K  • 1 day ago

I didn’t watch it because I don’t watch RTE anymore but as usual the controlling liberal lefty establishment in this country have made their judgement on Sean Quinn

YouTube comment

There are other comments to the effect that the establishment conspired against Quinn, for whatever reason, and plotted and effected his failure.

The stats from the video show that after four or five days it has been viewed 11,662 times with 140 likes and 94.1% of the viewing audience liking or giving the thumbs up.

Yet there is a small percentage who blame the “liberal left establishment” including RTE and the Irish Times.

Diverse opinions on any topic are welcome.

But opinions without a particle of evidence are hard to swallow. I guess you will always have a large group of people who will be influenced and swayed by the evidence and data.

And there will be another group who invent their own reality, replete with alternative facts.