My viral video

My video about the “Quinn Country” tv documentary has gone viral. Viral, for me, that is.

It has been watched over 49,000 times on YouTube in three days and has had similar viewing figures on TikTok.

This is way in excess of what I would usually expect from a video on my YouTube channel. But it is a tremendous result for me and my channel.

Virality is comparative and will depend on the size of your channel and your usual viewing figures. Someone with a much larger channel than mine may not be bowled over with the viewing figures for this video of mine.

One needs to be mindful of vanity metrics, too, in assessing the effectiveness of any social media marketing a small business owner carries out.

Some metrics are important, some are nice, some are of little value. Every small business owner needs to be able to distinguish between them.

You can watch the video here: