Self-censoring my own video

I have made a video about the “Quinn Country” documentary series that was shown last week on RTE television.

Most of my videos are “talking head” type videos. They are easy and fast to make once you have an opinion or something to say.

And I usually have an opinion. Just like other folk.

Because I know what I want to say there is little or any editing required once the video is made. I might chop off the first few seconds and cut out any coughing or spluttering that I had to do during the video.

Harmless stuff when it comes to editing.

But this one I made about the “Quinn Country” documentary series was heavily edited twenty four hours later. And I watched it a couple of times which is something I rarely do.

It’s shocking that I felt compelled to do so. But there you have it. If you have followed the Quinn story or if you watched the documentary series you will understand why this is the most censored video I have ever made.

You can watch it here: