Misappropriation of the tricolour

It’s sad to see so many social media users on various platforms sporting an Irish tricolour and spouting such narrow minded, racist, hate filled views.

Of course, not all tricolour brandishing accounts have extreme, right-wing views.

But a disproportionate number of individuals appear to associate patriotism and the tricolour and “keeping Ireland for the Irish”.

You will see them on Twitter, YouTube and other social media platforms.

Wrapping themselves in the tricolour along with a plethora of anti-diluvian, xenophobic, radical right, anti-establishment views.

They are free to have these views, of course. But don’t besmirch our tricolour in the process.

Don’t drag it into the mud. It’s my flag, too.

And the flag of many tolerant individuals who welcome strangers fleeing from wars with open arms and respect.