Soft launching my online shares course

I am engaged, at the moment, in what I understand is a “soft launch” of my online shares course, “Investing in Shares for Maximum Returns“.

The way that I use social media in my business and personal branding makes the use of a soft launch the ideal way to go from my perspective. I do all my own marketing. There is no marketing team assisting Terry Gorry or Terry Gorry & Co. Solicitors with social media, or any, marketing.

Therefore it suits me fine to be able to gradually focus my marketing efforts on the various platforms in a way that I can easily integrate the work into my daily work life and ensure that each platform gets an effective, coherent touch from me when I visit.

In effect this means I will look closely at what I want to do on Instagram and ensure that it is as effective and professional as possible. Then I will move on to Youtube and ensure what I publish on that platform is something that I am happy to stand over, not something that is rushed and has all the hallmarks of a frenzied marketing effort over a short period of time.

Then I will consider carefully what I will put on Facebook, in particular creating an effective Facebook advertising campaign. I could slap up an advertising campaign in a matter of minutes but I will resist that temptation and take my time, probably set aside some time at the weekend, and carefully craft my advertising copy and images.

I have plenty of other ideas, too, but Instagram, Facebook and YouTube would be the prime online real estate that I will want to target.

Years ago, this type of approach would not have been possible. Not only is it possible now, I believe it is the best way to launch a new product like mine. Feedback from one platform can be used to tweak my approach to the other platforms if I launch the campaigns sequentially rather than simultaneously.

Here is a video I published on Instagram this morning, you will notice that it is 59 seconds long, is square (1080×1080) and has captions:

Instagram post video

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