I reached 14,002 YouTube subscribers yesterday

I am chuffed that I have now reached 14,002 YouTube subscribers on my YouTube channel.

You might, if you did not know better, see this as some sort of vanity metric. Something with which to stroke the ego.

But I know the value and power of YouTube for my business. I have seen it repeatedly over the years, since my first video back in 2010 or 2011.

It is one of my favourite, if not my favourite, social media channels. Not only does it help me grow my business and give me clients from all over Ireland and the world, it is a massively valuable source of information, learning and knowledge for me, too.

The quantity and range of stuff I have learned over the years is impossible to quantify. But many people head to YouTube to learn things or find out how to work some gadget or fix some problem around the house or learn about marketing or social media.

Unlike Twitter, YouTube provides entertainment, outrage and education. Twitter is not so strong on the education, whatever about the outrage and entertainment.

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