Investing in shares for maximum returns-new investing course

I put the finishing touches to my new online course about investing in shares yesterday.

I am delighted with the finished product, and believe in it. So much so that I am giving a 30 day, no questions asked refund, for any purchaser who is not entirely satisfied.

I believe it is competitively priced, too, at €147 or two payments of €79.

There is a current total of 24 videos covering topics such as

  • risk
  • when to sell
  • shares to avoid
  • what type of shares to buy
  • how to analyse a company with a view to buying the shares
  • your personal circumstances
  • and more.

I also throw in bonus videos showing me selling some of my shares, how to buy shares on the DEGIRO trading platform, my DavySelect UK share portfolio, taxation essentials and more.

I believe the quality of the videos is good and the material is drawn from my own research over many years and my personal investing experience which has intensified in the last 3 years, or thereabouts.

We all know that share prices, and the value of any other investment, can fall as well as rise. So the course comes with the usual disclaimer as to the results you might achieve by following the teaching in the course. I emphasise that this is an educational product and there are no representations or warranties or promises as to how much, if anything, you might make from investing.

Get rich quick?

One thing I am absolutely clear on is this: this is not a get rich quick programme I am selling. If you are looking for a silver bullet or some sort of get rich quick snake oil this is not for you. There are plenty of others making outrageous, fake and fraudulent promises about trading courses.

If investing in shares is something that you are interested in you can take a look at the course here: investing in shares for maximum returns.

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