One disadvantage of an active content marketing strategy

One of the consequences of generating a large quantity of leads from online/digital marketing, especially on social media sites, is the proportion of such leads which are of dubious or low quality.

To put it plainly, a good number of persons who are looking for free legal advice. And who assume that as you give valuable information freely online you are the obvious person to ask for some free advice.

People are unable to recognise that what you might do as part of a brand building, awareness strategy does not mean that you are happy to give free legal advice to anyone who makes contact.

This is a slight bugbear, no more than an annoyance, that I encounter every day.

But it would be a far worse state of affairs if I was not generating any leads, if persons with legal issues and problems were simply unaware of my existence.

So, it is a small price to pay, one I am willing to continue paying.

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