I have a vast inventory of video content and my biggest job now is distribution

As we near the end of 2022 I have begun to realise that I have an enormous amount of video content as part of my business marketing efforts.

My biggest job nowadays is not so much making new videos, although I do that every week anyway, but distributing what I have in an efficient way on the various platforms I target.

A big part of this distribution is to ensure the piece of content I am sending to any social media platform is ideal for that site. That is, it is the right size, correct dimensions, correct duration, correct aspect ratio.

This year I have begun to take existing content and resize it for different platforms. For example, I can take a 16 x 9 video which I submitted to YouTube and resize it to 1090 x 1980 and upload it to TikTok and Instagram.

It doesn’t take long and the piece of content, once submitted to the platform, is then ideal for the consumers on that platform.

And the vast majority of my videos are evergreen type content, not time specific or dated, so I can repurpose and distribute a video I may have made at any time in the last 5 years, and it is still valuable for the viewer.

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