Distinguishing voices worth listening to versus the parroting of the same view

When you are reading about or researching a particular topic it is often the case that the opinions and views you will encounter are so similar as to be the same opinion.

You may have opposing views or opinions, but the views in each camp tend to be virtually identical to one another.

Occasionally you come across someone who is different, who seems to have a different, better take with more genuine insight than what is being thrown around generally.

I came across such an individual yesterday in a YouTube video. It was an interview with author and writer, Kara Swisher, by CNN and it was quickly obvious Swisher knew what she was talking about and was worth listening to, especially regarding Elon Musk.

Here’s the video:

“Jazz hands from a billionaire”

Her podcast is one I have now bookmarked and intend listening to for she has covered Elon Musk for around 20 years or thereabouts.