YouTube’s new tool to help create Shorts should only be ignored if you don’t love your business or brand 

YouTube Shorts

If you are into YouTube marketing, and you should be if you are a business owner or want to start a business, they have recently made a significant change which gives a further tool in your arsenal.

YouTube shorts is YouTube’s response to short, vertical video. This is in recognition of the threat posed by Instagram Reels and, more importantly, TikTok.

Creating shorts for YouTube could be done on your mobile phone with the YouTube creator studio app. But it did involve a further step of video creating and production.

You had to make a short video on your phone, or with your camera, but it could only be 1 minute maximum in length and had to be vertical aspect.

The new tool provided by YouTube is a feature they provide which allows you to make a short, vertical video from your existing YouTube videos.

This will allow several short videos to be made from one regular YouTube video you may have made. And the great bonus is your short video will link back to the original wide, full-length video.

This is a real win-win.

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