Learning a new skill: video editing to tell better stories

Telling stories with video

I watched a few videos on YouTube at the weekend about editing videos.

Basic stuff but important, too. How to set up the task of editing when you are trying to bring together a large number of clips from a particular activity or day. What is the starting point, the first step?

How to tell a story that will grab attention and hold it and avoid boring the viewer to clicking away.

I picked up a few valuable tips which I will put into action as soon as possible; and I will continue to add to my knowledge base about editing my videos.

For you are never too old to learn a new skill. And once you acquire it, it stays acquired for life.

Storytelling, in particular, is an easy concept to understand from a conceptual perspective. We all know and understand and recognise what a story is.

But from a video and film perspective storytelling requires a slightly different approach: the use of visual images to tell the story, rather than simply looking into the camera and a narrator narrating. That could get boring quickly.

I am looking forward to putting my newly acquired knowledge into action, slowly and steadily. Because this is how you improve. Step by step, inch by inch.

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