Images from Sorrento, Italy-annual leave September 2022

There are some images on this page from our annual leave/holidays in Sorrento, Italy in September 2022.

These are not necessarily the best photographs I took but I like them for different reasons. There is one photograph which is my favourite, however, and it is one I took on the first day in Sorrento when it was pouring down with rain.

I won’t say which one it is, but I like it because it tells the story of that day, our first day in Sorrento, which was all about the rain, unfortunately.

Rather than take a great deal of photographs and then forget about them I want to make better and more enduring use of them so I try to use my own photos in blog posts whenever I can. They may not be great photos, but they are originals, mine and not stock photos.

Isle of Capri

It was only when I dipped into photography that I discovered that an image does not have to be perfect, or even in focus, to be a great photo. It is all about telling a story or showing an emotion.

This gives a budding photographer a great deal of hope and optimism.

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