The definition of happiness

It’s funny the way your definition of happiness or satisfaction changes over the course of your life. Things that made me happy before may or may not float my boat now.

But new, surprising things can now give me a great deal of happiness.

For example, it is 5.30 AM on a Saturday morning. I am sitting in my kitchen having my breakfast and have two jars of sourdough starter in front of me.

They are bubbling away, with their surfaces pocked with little bubbles and holes, showing how lively and willing they are when I put them to work in the important task of raising the sourdough bread I am about to bake.

Today, in this moment, in this place, I am happy.

My only regret is I was so enthused to put them to work that I forgot to take a photograph. You will have to settle for a photo from my extensive archives of sourdough bread I have baked and enjoyed.

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