Why You Need a Strong Questioning Filter When Consuming Digital Marketing Advice

I listen to a lot of podcasts, most of which are concerned with online marketing. The vast majority  are of limited value, but there are some notable exceptions.

And within those exceptions you need to apply a certain personalised filter to extract value for your particular circumstances.

Let me give you one example. 

Today I began listening to a podcast from the Social Pros podcast, a podcast which would be well regarded and co hosted by a couple of widely acclaimed social media professionals. The podcast episode is called 2020 “YouTube Success Formula is Different Than You Think”. The guest of the show was a guy called Owen Video, although I doubt this is the name he was christened with, but let’s park that for the moment for it is irrelevant for the purpose of what I want to say.

Within five minutes of the episode starting I was clicking away because the guest, Mr Video, explained how his raison d’etre, from a business perspective, was to help,using video, persons who were well known and expert within a certain field to become well known on a much grander scale.

In other words the goal was to be “famous” or “recognised”.

This, with all due respect, is nonsense and an absurd objective for any lawyer, accountant, small business owner/developer, entrepreneur, or other professional to pursue. 

Think about it: you need to understand that your goal should not be to please everybody, it should be to delight and please the few, the section of the population you will realistically be serving.

If you take my situation as an example, it is clear that my having a small, loyal, committed following who believe and trust in me is far preferable to becoming “well known”. 

I don’t need to become well known, I need to influence people who have legal problems-for example when starting a business or buying a property or face a problem in work or have a problem with a neighbour or a right of way. 

These are the people I need to be well known to, not the others or everybody.

At the fear of labouring the point there is no point in me becoming well known as a dog trainer, for example, to that section of the population which does not own a dog. 

Becoming notorious or famous or well known is, therefore, not my goal. Unless I am concerned with vanity metrics and having my ego stroked.

No, what I am committed to doing is creating videos that provide value to the persons who might engage my services one day. This is an entirely different project from the type of service provided by the video “guru” interviewed on the podcast referred to earlier.

For this reason you need to apply a strong, questioning filter to everything you read or hear or see when it comes to guidance or advice regarding your business. There is no one size fits all solution and an open but questioning and testing approach will serve you and your business best in the long run.

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