Boris Johnson descends into the particular-a consummate communicator and storyteller

When Boris Johnson was released from hospital this week he showed how good a communicator he is by descending into the particulars.

What I mean by this is that he did not merely thank the NHS for saving his life and looking after him.

No, he went further and identified the two individuals, one from Portugal and one New Zealand who monitored him during his stay in intensive care in St. Thomas’ hospital and made the “critical interventions” when needed.

Boris is an experienced and accomplished journalist, communicator and story teller. He understands the power of the specific, the particular. He understands the power of detail and the personal. That’s why his decision to thank two identifiable individuals was so powerful and illustrated the genuineness of his gratitude.

Good storytelling is a powerful tool freely available to all of us, whether in our personal life, career, or in our business. When you use specifics and memorable details and particulars rather than the general, as Boris did, you will find your stories are more memorable and persuasive.

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