I Did My First YouTube Live Stream This Morning

I did my first YouTube Live Stream this morning, Easter Sunday 12 April 2020. It is something that I have begun to turn over in my mind, lately, because I think it has great potential from a business perspective.

But this morning I just turned the camera on and set it up on a little tripod at the end of my house and recorded the birds singing. That’s where the best birdsong can be heard every morning because there is a mature hedgerow quite close to our house and the birds are wondrous to listen to in that location.

I called it Birdsong, Easter Sunday, Broadford, Kildare, Ireland. If you take a look at the comments you will see that the 3rd commenter was looking to ask me a question about an accounting/legal matter.

And even though it is at an ungodly hour on a Sunday morning it is getting a bit of traffic and positive feedback and comments. It has made up my mind, therefore, that I will have to do a LiveStream in the near future. It will be along the lines of “ask me anything” or ask me anything about a particular topic-for example buying or selling property, small business, or employment law.

I will have to flag it up well in advance to my community of YouTube subscribers to maximise the audience. I will also have to ensure I have time in my calendar and take care of the other bits and bobs that I must not overlook-things like a good wifi connection, do I do it from home or in the office, what time would be best, what day (weekday or weekend), and so on.

I have previously written many times about the power of video to influence, persuade, build a community, generate leads, generate clients, built authority, build trust. And I remain flummoxed as to why more small business owners do not tap into the power of video and their mobile phone.

From my perspective, I intend to make the best of it anyway, and use the live stream feature offered for free by YouTube.

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