The qualitative difference between social media sites for small business growth

There is a qualitative difference between social media sites when you are looking to generate leads and clients.

My experience is that YouTube, Instagram, Facebook, LinkedIn are the best sites when it comes to lead and client generation.

I have grown a massive following in a short space of time on TikTok but the platform has been poor when it comes to getting followers to contact the office and do business. Yes, I have got one nice client-a conveyance-but that has been the exception, rather than the rule.

Twitter has been similarly ineffective. My experience there has been mostly of individuals looking for free advice. I think I had some type of nine year anniversary this week on Twitter and I cannot remember getting a client in all that time.

On the other hand I have acquired a plethora of excellent, high quality clients from YouTube in the areas of property and employment particularly.

Facebook has been good, especially regarding employment, and Instagram has been excellent for property leads and clients.

But the champion of them all has been YouTube. I have almost built my business on the back of my YouTube channel, something that I am quite proud of.

Anyway, if you have any interest in learning the digital marketing strategy I have used for the last 10 years or so you will find it set out in this book on Amazon.

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