The ability of TikTok, and video, to create connection

I have a decent following on TikTok-over 33,000 followers/fans.

I publish my videos on the platform as part of my overall video distribution strategy but do not make anything specifically for TikTok. I do not answer questions, either, as there are far too many.

Most people would probably give a lot of money for the volume and type of engagement I get on TikTok. But if I start answering questions I would spend far too much time on one platform, so I do not bother.

Nevertheless, it is a powerful platform to build engagement and connection.

We had a phone caller to the office a few weeks ago who wanted to discuss a problem with me, and he said he was a big follower of mine on TikTok.

Ciara in the office explained to him that the problem he was describing may be a criminal matter and if that was the case I could not help as I did not practice criminal law.

“It doesn’t matter, I want to meet him anyway”, he replied.

And he went ahead and booked the consultation and travelled to meet me in the office.

It is hard to believe that the type of connection you can build on a platform like TikTok can resonate like that.

But there you have it.

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