The spectacle of the Burke court cases

Twitter has been much occupied in the last couple of days with coverage of the Ammi Burke High Court judicial review case.

She was seeking an order to have her unfair dismissal case sent back to the Workplace Relations Commission for a fresh hearing. It was previously dismissed by the WRC adjudication officer, Kevin Baneham, on account of the interruptions caused by Ammi Burke and her mother, Martina.

Regardless of the outcome in any given case, however, the interest in how the Burkes will conduct themselves in the course of the Court hearing provides is intense.

There have been fireworks previously when the Gardai were called to forcibly remove some members of the family from the Courtroom in one of the High Court actions involving Enoch Burke.

It is difficult to understand how intelligent persons can conduct themselves as they have done to date and expect to obtain a favourable decision from the decision maker.

Perhaps that is not the goal.

I have no idea, but if you wish to persuade the decision maker to find in your favour there is certain conduct you cannot engage in and expect to be successful.

Meanwhile, the speculation and comment continue on Twitter and elsewhere with an enthusiastic looking forward to the next event.

P.S. It was reported earlier in the week that Gardai were in attendance just outside the courtroom prior to the commencement of the hearing. When did you last see this at a judicial review of an employment law decision?